Friday, August 29, 2008

5-The Parthenon GAME

Speaking of the Parthenon, I found a fun game that is all about this building and it's state of ruin? So, here is my score, now, can you beat it?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5-The Parthenon

These links all apply to that wonderful buidling that we saw in our last HW assignment - "The Parthenon". Well , here is the amazing replica of the Parthenon in Nashville Tennessee. Check out the Wikipedia article... the images are great here as well.
With the Olympics just finishing in China, I've included a report from NBC news back in 2004 when the Olympics were in Athens, Greece. This story is about the daunting task of fixing the Parthenon that you just analyzed in your last HW assignment. Not only is there the seemingly impossible task of reconstructing these ruins, but what about getting the archeological items back to the country they came from. After watching this video I would like to know who do you think should own historical pieces from antiquity?

4-The Assyrians have conquered Los Angeles!

As I was driving back from Orange County last year, my wife and I took a different freeway, I-5 and I passed this shopping outlet called "The Citadel". I had seen it years before but it has gone through some major renovations. As I drove past on the freeway it reminded me of the "8 Charactestics of Civilization"... remember #1) Cities, and walled cities at that. Well, this mall sure looks like Ninveh, the capital city of the Assyrian Empire (expect of course the ad for Super Loto!)

Here is a link to the history of this interesting mall and I've attached the photos I took while driving past.

4-The Olmecs wrote too?

Here is some new and very interesting research about a possibility that the Maya were not the ONLY pre-Colombian societies to have a writing system. I hope that you can see that the field of history is an ALIVE subject... one which is always being questioned and re-written.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

3-The Archimedes Screw at Sea World?

Here is the photo of two gigantic Archimedes screws I mentioned in class. Click on the photo to enlarge it if you wish.

I thought our lesson on "Water Raising Devices" went quite well, and I hope that you are start to "think about history". (That's a quote from a video I will show you on Tuesday)

oh, here is the link from Wikipedia about the Archimedes Screw. It has some interesting graphics if you are interested.