Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Caesar Salad named after Julius Caesar?

Hello World History family! Have you ever wondered if Caesar Salad was named after Julius Caesar? Here's the real story...

Caesar salad's actually named after Caesar Cardini, an Italian chef. He lived in San Diego, but had a restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico. One night in 1924, he had a lot of people come to his restaurant. His cupboards were almost empty, so he just threw everything he had into a bowl. Thus, the Caesar salad was born! So next time someone tries to convince you that it's named after Julius Caesar, you just laugh and wow them with your plethora of World History knowledge!

- Allison, peer teacher, per. 5

Bonus fact: Caesar salads were first eaten with no silverware! Just your hands!
(Check out this website for a recipe for Caesar salad! Yum!)


Chris Whalen said...

That stinks that he didn't have anything in the cupboards. That is really interesting and I will wow people with that knowledge.

Lindsay Killian said...

That is actually really interesting. I think I saw that on Food Network once... but anyways, it is amazing how you can learn stuff about history from the simplest things... even salad! =)