Friday, September 12, 2008

King Tut...A Father?

Our study of Egypt is over, but I couldn't pass up this story. Mummified remains of two female fetuses have been found in King Tut's tomb! Scientists believe that at least one of the mummies is the stillborn daughter of King Tut.

Back in 1979, Scientists compared the blood data from one of the fetus with that of King Tut, and they say it is very likely that it was one of King Tut's children. Said Zahi Hawass, the fetuses will soon undergo DNA testing and CAT scans to determine their parentage. This will help to determine the long-mysterious lineage of the boy king.

Of course, debate runs wild on the subject. Egyptologists have long debated whether these mummies are the children of Tut and his wife Ankhesenamun, or if they are symbolic of allowing the young king to be like a newborn in the afterlife.

This DNA test is also to determine if Tut's wife is his half-sister, or full-sister. Ankhesenamun is the daughter of Nefertiti, who has been long reguarded by scholars as Tut's mother.

The DNA tests are expected to be finished in December, so be looking for it in the news!

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