Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10-Medieval Times

Here are some fun links about the early medieval period:

This is a video trailer for a special the History Channel did on the Dark Ages:

Now. here is a game from the BBC, where you can take the part of a Viking and see if you are able to successfully conduct a raid as a Viking.

here was my final score of 494 points... I failed btw

Secondly, you can make your own Dark Ages character.
This is the link:

here is mine:


Jessica said...

That was really fun! I liked it...plus i won! total score: 710

Chris Whalen said...

Check out my Dark Ages profile!

Emily said...

that game was so much fun! and i won: 818 points.

Becca B said...

I loved that game! It was really fun, and I decided to be totally nerdy and play it like 5 times :P
Best score: 1,112 uhhhh!!!!