Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Age-Old Mystery: Revenge of the Pharaohs?

King Tutankhamen, boy-king of Egypt, one of the most well-known historical figures in the world. He was well-known for his short rule over Egypt and his mysterious, sudden death. Tutankhamen lay undisturbed in the Valley of Kings for thousands of years until Howard Carter made one of the most crucial archeological discoveries in history. By finding King Tut’s tomb, Carter had unveiled priceless artifacts previously untouched by human hands for thousands of years. Although the unearthing of Tut’s tomb was remarkable, the questionable aftermath of the discovery still baffles people around the world. The strange string of events started in April of 1923, two months after Carter’s discovery of Tut’s tomb. Lord Carnarvon, the sponsor for the excavation, died suspiciously in April from “complications from a mosquito bite”. Soon after his death, Carnarvon’s dog died along with his wife and Carter’s partner. As a result of opening Tut’s tomb, Carter supposedly unleashed the “mummy’s curse”, conjured to doom those who disturbed the Egyptian dead. On King Tutankhamen’s tomb, an inscription allegedly reads, “Death will come on swift pinions to those who disturb the rest of the pharaoh”, which makes one think if the so-called curse did in fact exsist. So now all we can ask ourselves is: Do you believe in the “mummy’s curse”?

Shannon G.
Period 3


NonaB said...

This is very interesting and even a little scary! The death of Carnarvon could have just been an unfortuante coincidence, but the death of his wife,Carter's partner, and even dog make this curse seem very real.

ChaseO said...

This is very interesting because um duh of course King Tut has to take revenge out on Carter, who ransacked his tomb. If i died and somebody took the stuff out of my tomb and put it in a museum, i might be a slight bit upset. But i guess if it's for "research" and all. They should definitely make a movie about that revenge though. I would go see it.

Jessica Paiva said...

I thought this was a little scary but kind of interesting at the same time. Even though I don't believe in curses it amazing that an age old legend of being cursed for entering King Tut's tomb is still living on. I think I would take my chances and see King Tut's tomb anyways.

Ryan Jones said...

Woah, that's creepy. It's very similar to Genghis Khan's tomb when he said before he died, "The man who disturbs me in my tomb will witness a force greater than my own." When a group of Russian's found Genghis's tomb and opened it, that same day, Hitler rose to power and declared war. It just so happened to turn out that Hitler murdered 6 million Russians. It's weird how so many events in history can be linked and tied together by the smallest of ropes. I guess this is another one of them.