Monday, October 12, 2009

Dogs First Tamed in China to be Food?

New genetic analysis suggests that canines were domesticated in China 16,300 years ago to be livestock, not as pets as it was originally believed (in other words; Dog. It’s what’s for dinner). As they do today, the Chinese have been eating dog as far back as historical records go. May believe that the greatest level of canine genetic diversity should be in the area they were first domesticated. However, during a DNA analysis of African village dogs, it was found that the African dogs had a similar amount of genetic diversity as those in China. Further research showed that dogs from across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia share at least 80% of their DNA, giving proof to the theory that canines were domesticated as livestock between 5,400 and 16,300 years ago, when Asian hunter-gathers adopted a settled lifestyle.

And it tastes like Ostrich….

…which tastes like beef.

Taylor A.
Period 3


Devina said...

wow! that was really weird because i hear about people that eat dog in Indonesia that mean the habit of eating dog had been go around the not just only trade, technology and religion but can also be the type of food that you eat!:)

Anonymous said...

It really is a hard thing to believe that people would eat our loyal, best companions. But, if you really think about it, back then dogs had no value of companionship. The main thing that was needed was FOOD. Today's civilization allows for people to survive independently, but in the past people depended on each other for survival. This ability to be independent made us lonely and the dog became our companion!