Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mini-Stonehenge Found: Crematorium on Stonehenge Road?

Scientist annouced, that a thirty-three-foot-wide Bluestonehenge was discovered just over a mile from the original Stonehenge near Salisbury, Britian. Bluestonehange wass recently deiscovered, and thought to be a critical stopping point on the route between the living and the dead. So Stonehenge was Britians largest and oldest burial ground, but this new smaller site located on the banks of the avon river is thought to be a creamatorium near Stonehenge. This site is also much older than the most famous Stonehenge. It has been thought to heve been erected around 3000 B.C. The stones are a rough blue shade, which gives it the name of Blue stonehenge. A week after the original discovery scientist conducted some carbon dating experements which show that the stones were as old as 4000 B.C. Also they found large amounts of charcol deposists in the stone, which implies that the area was ony for pre-historic ritual burnings. To conclude Mini-Stonehenge is a vital discovery that gives us just that much more information on the meaning and purpose of Stonehenge.

-Bret F., period 7

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