Sunday, October 11, 2009

Inca Empire Aided by Global Warming

A 400 year age of warmth helped make the ancient Inca one of the largest empires in the Americas. The increase of temperature served as an incubator for the Inca’s expansion. Global warming isn’t always a negative thing. According to “Climate of the Past”, it can help provide societal development. Since the Inca language had no form of writing and the culture was mostly destroyed by the Spanish conquerors it is hard to find history on the Inca people. But, by using plants buried in layers on the floor of Lake Marcacocha they could look at the environmental changes during the Inca Period. They used trees and counted up the rings and looked at the patterns and the environmental indicators inside the tree rings to see the changes in the weather. The Lake sediments also reveal that a drought had began at around 880 A.D. This drought was the collapse of the previous empire, Wari.
According to Chepstow-Lusty, Peru is considered the third most threatened country in the world due to climate change. The country should restore vast areas of terraces and canal systems and play attention to reforestation of the Andes, like the Inca did. The Incas Knew how to work with the weather so that it could help there empire.

Erik L.
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dbleung1 said...

Wow, I find it interesting how people today are trying to stop global warming when in fact it helped people at one point. It makes me wonder if we can somehow find a way to use global warming to our advantage.

Harrison H. said...

I think it is amazing that such a feat could be done. It shows the will power and determination of the runner, to get back to his homeland. This blog gives good insight on what the marathon truly was.