Sunday, October 11, 2009

'Mini-Colosseum' Rediscovered in Rome

In Rome , under the Fiumicino airport, there is a ‘mini-colossuem’ that, according to British archaeologists, may have been used by Roman emperors. The amphitheater has similar characteristics of the larger arena that is located in the center of Rome . However this ‘mini-colosseum’ is located at the site of Portus, an ancient harbor on the Tiber River . Although Rodolfo Lanciani marked the remains of what seemed to be a theater around the 1860’s, Simon Keay, project director and leading expert in Roman archaeology, claims “Our team has rediscovered this structure and proved it was in fact a building more akin to an amphitheater.” Findings over the three year period, such as a lavishly decorated rooms, a grand garden, a finely carved marble head, possibly resembling the Greek hero Ulysses, and a well-preserved toilet lead Keay to believe that the building was used for wealthy officials and possibly emperors. “This is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. … Certainly it should be rated alongside such wonders as Stonehenge and Angkor Wat in Cambodia ,” Keay said.

Sarena S.
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Neil B. said...

That's interesting! Maybe they didn't like this one, and went a built the Colosseum that we know now..

Tamara E. said...

It's interesting that at first they thought it was an amphitheatre then it turned out to be a colosseum with the remains of a toilet. That's crazy that even today they are still finding history from a long time ago.