Sunday, October 11, 2009

Venture on a Virtual Viking Voyage!

Put on your horned helmet and get ready to play Viking Quest. This game is definitely a fun, interactive way to learn about history. It takes you back to 793 AD, the year when the Vikings savagely raided England's Lindisfarne monastery. The player recreates this attack, but is able to control the journey, kind of like a 'choose your own destiny' book. The goal of the game is to return to Norway quickly and with a large loot, and rack up as many points as possible. During the game you control everything from how big of a ship to build to whether or not to burn down the monastery. Don't think this raid will be easy; those monks are known for being tough fighters. You and your band of warriors will also have to work through other obstacles like the brutal weather in the North Sea. Be sure to make wise decisions on your voyage. If you earn enough points, you'll get to become the new Viking chief. But can you beat my best score of 1083?

-Alexandra O., period 7

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