Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ancient Egyptian Priest's Tomb Unearthed in Giza

As of this monday, Egypt has anounced that their archaeologists have discovered a more than 4,000 year old tomb near the Giza pyramids. This tomb was for Rudj-Ka a priest that sometime in the fifth dynasty (2465 - 2323 B.C.) He was part of a Cult under the rule of pharaoh Khafre. According the Zahi Hawass, general secretary of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquites, The pharaoh pyramids remained intact and well functioning due to the help of a cult of priests like Rudj-Ka and they preformed rituals to honor their dead leaders. The tomb is built of limestone blocks, and is positioned in a cliffside and also shows illustrations of daily life in Egpyt. Hawass believes that this discovery may lead to unknown and larger necropolises are near the great pyramids. He also is speculating if there is more tombs dedicated to some of the members of the royal court such as Rudj-Ka a Priest.

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