Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mystery of Inca Gold

Throughout history, there are unsolved mysteries that civilizations leaved behind causing to unravel them. One legend is called the gold from Inca civilization is missing after the Spaniard conqueror, Francisco Pizzaro, denied the deal that Atahualpa offered him. The deal was when Pizzaro captured him, Atahualpa would give him a gold filled room. Now, the largest part that was supposed to be delivered never reached Pizarro and its hidden somewhere in a secret mountain cave. However, Valverde went treasure hunting which was led by his bride causing him to be rich. Before he passed away, he left directions on finding the gold called Derrotero de Valverde. Although, the gold treasure hunting began to die off in the 1850’s. A treasure hunter, Barth Blake, went to venture off to find the gold hidden by the Incas. He successfully found the gold and he wrote “There are thousands of gold and silver pieces of Inca and pre-Inca handicraft, the most beautiful
goldsmith works you are not able to imagine” in his letter. Though fate did not take him kindly because on his way back, he disappeared. According to Mark Honigsbaum, the gold will never be found due to it may have been already taken or it is lost in the mountains.
Aspen F., Period 8

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