Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Clues Determined Under Da Vinci Restoration

Some historians believe Da Vinci's work was not done alone. The restoration of this piece of artwork, however, further reveals that this painting was done by himself with no help. Some background information on this art: this piece is called "Madonna of the Rocks", and there are two separate versions of it. One done around 1450 hangs in the Louvre (where the Mona Lisa hangs), the second in London; in London is the newer version made around 1500, near the end on Da Vinci's life. Some of Da Vinci's projects were collaborative efforts with his students or art gallery owners. In "Madonna of the Rocks," it appears that it was completed by only Da Vinci. And that parts of the painting were preformed at different times. Also in 2005 a secret under sketch was preformed on the artwork. Why is this relevant? It gives historians more clues to how and to whom the paintings were done. No announcement has been made if any other of his paintings will be examined for these reasons.

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Connor Hensley said...

Wow this was a very interesting Article. Da Vinci can finally be credited for his masterpieces that revolutionzed the Renaissance. Da Vinci can also be recognized for his acconplishments and as one of the most creative and intelligent men of the past. His artwork is so wonderful and to know that he painted it all by himself makes it even more respectable