Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boy With The Amber Beads

Stonehenge has been an attraction for 3,500 years bringing tourists from all over the world. Three miles away, the body of a boy has been discovered in the town of Amesbury, along with a necklace holding 90 amber beads. Archaeologist Andrew Fitzpatrick of Wessex Archaeology believes the necklace came from a high-status family judging by the exotic beads. The boy’s teeth were measured for oxygen and strontium to find out his native region. The oxygen level proved he was from a much warmer place, the Mediterranean region. The boy was fourteen to fifteen years old and most likely on a visit to Stonehenge with his family when he died of infection and buried in the high-status burial grounds.

Jon C. Period 1

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J3NNY said...

That is Extremely interesting how they can find out where he lived and what he did during his life time just by looking at his body and items that he had with him. It makes you wonder if people in the future will look at us and figure out what we did, by making all sorts of connections.
Jenny C. Period 3