Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tibetans Protest Over Chinese-Language Rules: Report

As always, China is in a fued with one group of people or another. This time it is with students of the Tibetan schools. The reason why this is taking place is because the Rebkong has now instilled a rule that all subjects are to be taught in Mandarin and all textbooks to be printed in Chinese. Tibetans have had a long heated past with the Chinese and Tibetans stated in this article that China is trying to get rid of the Tibetan culture in order to gain control over the Himalayan region. The riots regarding this heated topic have killed over 200 Tibetans and 21 Chinese people.

After reading this article, I questioned the Tibetan’s reasoning for their riots. Although they have a long heated past with the Chinese, China is trying to set a medium of instruction. Just like in the United States, those who come from Mexico and other countries are expected to read the textbooks in English and required to take instruction in English. If parents of the Tibetan students have such a concern than they are more than welcome to teach their kids Tibetan at home.
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