Friday, October 22, 2010

Diplomats: China tries to block UN Sudan report

Last wednesday, October 20th, Chinese diplomats attempted to block a report of the United Nations declaring that Chinese ammuntion was sent to Darfur which directly violated a U.N. embargo. The Chinese unsuccessfully tried to confine the news by claiming that the panel was flawed and was questioningtheir methods in a negative manner.
The Security Council enforced an emargo due to African rebels warring against the government of Sudan. There is evidence supporting that the Chinese have been sending ammunition to the Sudanese government for the past two years. China has been contributing to the economy of Sudan by purchasing their crude oil and has political ties to the government. China sent ammuntion to Sudan becuase the rebels of the Sudanese government were continuing their military operations.
Diplomats of the U.N. agreed that the report of the violation will not be changed and will be formally submitted as planned.
By Sarah D., Period 8

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