Friday, December 17, 2010

Archeologists unearth very old Chinese food

New archeological evidence provides insight on the dietary habits of
Chinese over 2500 years ago. Along with other artifacts, ancient Chinese
cuisine was found in a cemetery, perfectly preserved in the desert region
between east and central China. The foods unearthed included noodles,
porridge, oblong and round cakes of various sizes and a sheep’s head.
Researchers chemically analyzed the noodles, porridge and cakes and
concluded that they were created from millet. Millet was probably the staple
crop in Northwest china because of its drought resistance and ability to
prosper in poor soils. The early Chinese where possibly among the worlds
first bakers and noodle makers, possibly even predating Egyptians. This is
interesting because it is rare to see baked goods in Chinese cuisine during
any time period. Also the almost perfectly preserved bodies that the food
was buried with resembled Europeans more than Asians. The bodies had light
colored hair, deep eyes, and protruding noses. Nearby another research group
found noodles, only 4000 years old, that were yellow in color and looked
similar to La-Mian noodles as seen in the picture
Dennis O Period 7

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