Monday, December 6, 2010

Da Vinci's 'Magi' Hides Master's Original Intent

One of Leanardo Da Vinci's paintings "The Adoration of the Maji" has hidden drawings in it. Leanardo never finished this work because he accepted a project to be the court artist of the Duke of Milan. The picture is of the New Testament's account of the three wise men bestowing adoration to the newborn Jesus and his mother. Otherwise there is no sign of Joesph, the donkey,oxen, a stable, or the shepard. The paint on the piece was not found to be applied by Da Vinci, but it covered up the real masterwork. With the help of infrared technology, the largest collection of drawings of people and animals done by Leonardo in a single work was found. Some of the drawings uncovered from the surface of the painting are scenes like a full blown battle behind Virgin Mary's Head. The ox, donkey, and the missing stable emerge too. A third image to emerge is the face of the young shepard boy. In short, Da vinci may have left many more secrets in his other works for us to discover.
Nathalie C Period 7

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