Monday, December 6, 2010

Oldest Preserved Shoe

The worlds oldest shoe was found in nearly perfect condition in the Vayotz Dzor province.
This shoe was found excavated and found in a pile of sheep dung which had preserved it for
about 5,500 years. The archeologists were outstanding by the condition and the fine details
that they could still see. Such as the individual eyelets, laces, and the straw found inside.
They pondered and hypothesized the possibilities of why there might be a single shoe in a cave.
Was it left on accident? or was it part of a ritual? later on they dig up more evidence that it could
possibly be part of a ritual. They had also dug up
three pots, each containing a child's skull, along with
containers of well preserved barley, wheat, apricot and other edible plants. These discoveries could lead
to finding more about how lived and what they believed in.

Jenny Clark Period 3


oregonducks24 said...

I found it very interseting that the shoe still had such distgiushihg deatils even after all those years. Also the fact that pots with childrens skulls in them makes me think thats this had to be from some sort of ritual.

Madi Crossland said...

I like reading about archaeology because it shows how what's in the ground can tell a story from a long time ago! This was a really good article, I like how they noticed it was only ONE shoe, so they figured it must be a ritual. I wouldn't have thought of that. And I like how it shows the evolution of clothing, obviously, to see how shoes have changed, and what started them.