Sunday, December 5, 2010

Boy An Icon For Childhoods Lost In Holocaust

This photo taken during World War II has been seen by millions. In the Warsaw ghetto, there was SS General Jurgen Stroop. He was in charge of evacuating them from this ghetto to the death camps. One may wonder why someone would take a picture such as this one. The General had an administrative officer named Franz Konrad take this photo in order to show Stroop’s control and effective evacuation. In reality, what was promised to take three days ended up taking four weeks. Due to this, a boy, who remains nameless to this very day, was at gun point and photographed. The cruelty of the SS astounds the world and it is almost impossible to see this picture and not feel emotion. That is why to this very day, this boy represents the terrible genocide of Jews, and the devastating loss of a childhood that those who have survived have lived without.

Naomi T Period 7

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Paula said...

This reminds of the book we read in Advanced English. The book Night by Elie Wiesel also shows the cruelty of the Nazis, and the way that innocent Jews suffered during the Holocaust. The Nazis clearly felt no pity, even for little children such as the boy in the picture, and such as the pipel from Wiesel's book. It is disappointing to know that humans just like can be so cruel, and prejudiced against a certain race. Hopefully this is not a part of history that will repeat itself.

-Paula F. p.3