Monday, December 6, 2010

Many theories have been presented on how early peoples managed to get
tons of stone to the site of Stonehenge. The problem is that the
stones could not have just been dragged up as they were, because of
their weight and the friction they create. The most recent theory is
that that wooden ball bearings balls placed in grooved wooden tracks
would have been able to move the massive stone slabs, presented by a
University of Exeter archeology student. But engineer Garry Lavin
believes that wicker baskets could have been used to move the stones.
Because the technology of woven material was all around the early
peoples, why wouldn’t they have used it to accomplish this impossible

Garry Lavin tested his theory over the summer, and successfully moved
a one-ton stone in a wicker-basket material cage he created. Next, he
plans to build a cage capable of moving a five-ton slab, and will try
it out just in time for the celebration of Stonehenge at the summer
next year.

By Rachael A.

Period 3

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