Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Highest Paid Athlete

Think that todays athletes are paid ridiculous amounts? Well it is nothing when compared to what charioteer Diocles made 122 A.D. It is estimated that Diocles made 35,863,120 sesterces which is equivalent to about 15 billions U.S. dollars. Diocles figure of money greatly surpasses that of modern day ahtletes such as Tiger Woods, who is known as todays richest athlete. At the the time chariot racers were the heroes of their day. Chariot racing was a very dangerous sport. Death or serious injury to the rider or their horse was not uncommon. Diocles accumalted his large sum money by not having the most victories, but by winning the big money events. It is said that in just 29 races he accumalted 1,450,000 sestercies, which be enough money to go around for a full year in a common Roman city. Diocles toatal earnings of his life could also have provided enough for Rome entire population for a year. Overall, though todays atheletes make ubelivable ammounts of money, they are nothing in comparison to the 15 billion plus dollars that Diocles made chariot racing.
by Nick A.


Dennis said...

that is very interesting. what i didn't get was wether it was 15 billion US dollars a year or in a liftime. Also it would be interesting to figure out why they were paid so much and how the goverment could back that money.

By nathan dove

Dennis said...

it is very interesting how an athlete made that much. although what i didn't understand was wether they made 15 billion US dollars a year or in a lifetime.