Thursday, December 16, 2010

Murdered French King's Remains Identified

Recently, a mummified head found in the basilica of Saint Denis was identified as the head of the popular Henry IV. A team of experts had been working diligently, using forensic and anthropological strategies to uncover the mystery behind it. Henry IV, surprisingly enough, was loved by his people, and is credited with ending the wars between the Catholics and the Protestants. Ironically, he was stabbed to death by Catholic fanatic Francois Ravaillac. However, in 1793, his head was chopped off after his tomb was raided by revolutionaries, and was sold on the black market. It resurfaced in 1919, it was constantly being auctioned off for private collections. After performing some radiological tests on it, the dating was found to be from about 1450 and 1650 which matched his lifespan. In addition, a piercing was found on the head, and it is known that Henry IV had his right ear pierced. Molds of the head, old scars, and facial blemishes all match the physical characteristics of Henry IV. In respect for the loved king, a funeral service will be held for him next year, including his head being placed where it rightfully belongs.

by Rylan Y., Period 8

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Christy said...

It seems weird that someones head would be cut off once there dead and sold n the black market.
jamie Lyle per. 8