Thursday, December 10, 2009


Will the world really end in December 2012? Some people seem to think so, basing their claims off of the ancient Mayan calendar. However, not everyone thinks that the world will be affected in a negative way. The world is just to be changed as we know it, but it could be for the good of the human population.

One theory is that, in December 2012, the sun will align with the black hole at the center of the galaxy, and this will throw our entire solar system “off kilter”. This could cause the sun to experience more, and more intense, solar flares, sending a wave of solar particles towards Earth. This could change the direction of the magnetic field of the planet, disrupting all communications, and creating natural disasters worse than ever seen before. However, other’s say good events may happen. When the sun passes through a dark band of the Milky Way called the “Great Rift” and that this will cause us all to “reconnect with our cosmic hearts”.

Many people claim that monuments like Stela 25, a temple, were designed to predict what the sky would look like at the end of the Long Count calendar. However, it has been noted that the northward orientation occurs every year, and would not be specific to just 2012. This is the case with many other theories that link temples and other monuments to the heavens and the end of the long count calendar. So far, no one has found any true evidence that the Mayans predicted the end of the world, and then left a monument to warn us about it.

-Ana S.

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Rebecca said...

This is really interesting. I had no idea there was a black hole That the sun will align with. I've never heard this theory before, and it actually makes more sense than others.

natalie said...

Okay, who came up with that theory? This theory is describing December 12, 2012 as a day of horrific disasters the will destroy us. It makes everything the Mayans predicted seem even more likely. Before, I didn’t believe a word of the Mayans, but this freaks me out! But what proof does this guy have? This just seems like something he threw all together to scare the living daylights out of us. I need his name, please because I am going to talk to him!

Kaylee_Takigawa said...

I find this really interesting. I like how you included two different opinions on the topic. I had absolutely no idea that one of the theories was that the sun would align with the black hole!