Monday, December 14, 2009

I know these were due on Friday, but during the study session on Thursday he told us they were due by Monday. You can talk to him if you would like.

Earhart a Survivor?

Evidence has been found that Amelia Earhart maybe have survived the unknown crash that caused her disappearance, in the summer of 1937. Scientists have found evidence that she most likely crashed on the island of Nikumaroro. There has been evidence of a few women bones that follow traits on women of European descent, and follow the body structure of Amelia. A women shoe has been found and so has an empty bottle. It seems that a forced landing was attempted on the fat island, and Amelia and her navigator survived and lived as outcasts on the island. They became castaways, and eventually died on the island. Scientists are not able to find more proof because Sand crabs that live on the island, have most likely snatched the bones, and hare now hidden deep in the crab caves. So the real question is, Was this Amelia’s final resting place, or is the mystery still unknown?

Neil Brinckerhoff
Period 7


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