Thursday, December 10, 2009

The last of the Aztec Warriors

In Mexico city, 49 adult indigenous Mexican people were found in the remains of a pyramid in Tlateloco square, (destroyed by the Spanish). The pyramid was a mass grave, and many had already been found in it, buried haphazardly. However, these 49 were different because they were buried neatly, were all adult males, were tall, and some had bones that were previously broken. They are though to be some of the last Aztec warriors who fought the Spanish conquistadors (lead by Hernán Cotréz) during the conquest of Tlateloco square in 1521, which lasted for 76 days. Interestingly, these warriors not only buried neatly, but were also lying on their backs with their arm crossed (this is how Christians traditionally bury the dead). This indicates that the Christian Spanish did the burying. However, they burial also contains Aztec elements -- incense, animals, and copper necklaces, leading historians to hypothesize that the burials were ordered by the Spanish, but carried out by Aztecs.Overall, this discovery creates "more questions than it answers".

Jeffrey Seyfried

Period 7


Jenn Cardoza said...

So i guess the Spanish were more genuine than they lead on to be? I would think maybe they felt impressed that these last 49 men had survived through the battle without dying that they should be rewarded with a respectful burial; at least I would hope so. This was very interesting Jeff, good job.

Brian said...

That leaves a lot of questions Jeffery. I liked your article and your topic. It was interesting and I now want to learn more about the battle of the square.