Thursday, December 10, 2009

Da Vinci da man

Due to new scientific fingerprinting techniques, a new painting of a nineteenth century German girl is said to be one of Leonardo da Vinci's. Purchased by Peter Silverman, an art collector, in 2007 for around 19,000 dollars, it is now worth around 150 million. Biro, the forensic art expert, claimed that the fingerprint on this painting matched fingerprints on many of his other famous paintings. The fingerprints used were easily readable due to da Vinci's frequent use of his fingers. Biro also noticed how the style of da Vinci was repeated in the new painting. Biro also believes this painting to be priceless seeing as how it is uncommon to find an artist as good as Leonardo. Silverman bought the painting for his Swiss friend and began researching it but was skeptical of it being a da Vinci painting. However, all his research brought him back to Leonardo. A year ago, Silverman met Nicholas Turner, an art expert, who, along with many other experts, claimed it was a da Vinci painting. The painting was confirmed to be da Vinci's after the fingerprint test results came in.

Alex Moniz
Period 7

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nikiper5 said...

I liked the fact that more Da Vinci paintings could still be out there waiting to be found. I also enjoyed the way old and new bonded together in this article when it talked about Da Vinci used his hands to paint and now they use his thumb prints to id him.