Thursday, December 10, 2009


As World War II came to a close, there were a select few U.S. soldiers who entered Hitler's home in the Bavarian Alps. John Pistone was among them. As a souvenir, Pistone took an album with photographs of paintings while searching the dictator's home.
Jump forward 64 years. Pistone, now 87, has finally learned what the album was intended for. The Paintings depicted in the album were to be showcased as part of a series in in Hitler's "Fuehrermuseum," a planned museum in Linz, Austria.
This 3-inch thick, 12-pound book is going to be formally returned to Germany in a ceremony in January. Germany has found 19 other albums that were apart of a 31-collection to be or to be considered being shown at the Linz museum

Maggie Herlocker

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Elisabeth said...

Hopefully, people can learn even more about the Holocaust from this and about what type of person Hitler was so that there will never be anything like this horrid event again.

Wes said...

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