Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Roman Statues Found in Blue Grotto Cave

Many ancient Roman statues stand under the island of Capri in southern Italy in the waters of the Blue Grotto. The cave used to be a swimming pool used by Emperor Tiberius, and the statues are thought to be depictions of sea gods. The magnificent blue tone of the water and the silvery light that shines through makes this cave one of the top attractions in Capri. This island happened to be the capitol of the Roman empire between 27 and 37 A.D. because Tiberius took advantage of the mild climate and secluded area. Archaeologists recovered a statue of the sea god Neptune, and two statues of he Greek god Triton in the Blue Grotto. Trinton carried a twisted conch shell and he blew it to calm or raise the waves. Divers found seven bases in the waters at a depth of 150 meters, so they suggest that four other statues may be found on the cave's sandy bottom. They are now preserving the natural wonder of the cave so that it is in similar condition to how it was in ancient times.
Cailyn Prewitt
Period 7

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