Friday, December 11, 2009

Holocaust Trial Still?

John Demjanjuk is eighty-nine years old and is being accused of being a guard at a Nazi death camp. If he is convicted, he will, most likely, spend the rest of his life in jail. Demjanjuk's case is being held in southern Germany.
His family claims Demjanjuk is seriously ill. However, secret footage shows him getting out of a car without struggle. Therefore, doctors examined him, and declared Demjanjuk was perfectly healthy to go on trial.
He is being charged with helping murder 27,900 Jews and other people at a mass extermination camp, Sobibor. Unfortunately, there are no actual eye-wittiness who saw Demjanjuk at the Sobibor camp because they are all dead. However, there are papers which state that Demjanjuk was a guard at Sobibor in the year 1943, from March to September. Demjanjuk's lawyer says that Demjanjuk was there against his will, so he should not be held accountable. Kurt Gutmann is a co-plaintiff whose mother and brother were murdered, and he says that "all [he] want[s] is for justice to be done."

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