Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3,000 Year Old Mystery Gets One Step Closer to Being Solved

Recently, Dr. Zahi Hawass and a team of archeologists discovered "Egypt's Lost Queen". They used process of elimination with the use of advanced computer programs to tell which of the thousands of corpses had physical traits similar to Hatshepsut. After finally coming down to two corpses, the scientists scanned a box they found with Hatshepsut's name inscribed. Inside was a tooth, which perfectly matched a missing spot in one of the mummy's mouths. The scientists thus concluded that this corpse was the great leader Hatshepsut.

Dr. Kara Cooney believes that this discovery is more of a "resurrection of Hatshepsut's image." For 3,000 years, Queen Hatshepsut has been erased form history and remained unknown to most people. Back when she was alive, Hatshepsut stole the throne from her stepson, dressed and acted as a man, then announced herself Pharaoh. She was greater than any female ruler with her rule stretching far across Egypt and having a prosperous reign. However, Hatshepsut was killed and completely erased from history. Her monuments were destroyed, any record of her was ruined, and her corpse was removed from her tomb. "The discovery of the Hatshepsut mummy is one of the most important finds in the history of Egypt," said Dr. Hawass. "Her reign during the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt was a prosperous one, yet mysteriously she was erased from Egyptian history. Our hope is that this mummy will help shed light on this mystery and on the mysterious nature of her death."

Jenn Cardoza

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Maggie H. said...

great story! i've always found Queen Hatshepsut very interesting so its cool that you chose her for your blog. I wonder though, what the whole tooth thing was about, but maybe i missed something.