Friday, December 11, 2009

Will the World End in 2012?

The Mayans were an advanced society with a very exact calendar that has led people to believe that the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. First of all, the Mayan calendar does not even technically end on that particular date but it does mark when the new cycle of the Mayan calendar begins. So couldn't have the Mayans just decided to stop this particular year because they were getting tired of calculating it all out? Another Mayan myth is that when the world ends it will undergo a pole-shift which would happen due to a large amount of gravitational pull on the Earth. The pole-shift would lead to many disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis that would put an end to world as we know it. Scientists do not believe this will happen but say that a small pole-shift is possible. Other thoughts to how the world will end is after galactic alignment, collision with an unknown planet, and solar storms, but again all are downplayed by scientists. The truth is that the Maya never specifically said anything was even going to happen in 2012 but we, as humans, let fear get to our heads and over exaggerated reality.

Elisabeth H.
Period 3


Jihye Ju said...

This is so fearful. i don't want to see the end of our earth. but i don't believe it. I hope it will not happen.

Alexandra said...

I think there must be something considerable having to do with that date. Though I doubt the world will end, I'm inclined to believe the Mayans. They were the first society that developed an exact calendar, and they were also advanced in other subjects. I guess since noone knows for sure, we'll just have to wait until a few years until 2012!