Thursday, December 10, 2009

Which came first the Chicken or the European?

Columbus seemed to “stumble” upon the Americas, in his quest to reach the East Indies, but was he really the first to make it? Polynesians traveled to South America before Columbus, and brought their chickens with them. These chickens, had to be brought by humans, and were carbon dated back from about 1304 to 1424. Genetic sampling of this type of chicken also matches that of the Polynesians breed, instead of the Europeans. Some scientists speculate that this could never come to be, however, in 1947 Thor Heyerdahl a Norwegian scientists built a rudimentary boat, and sailed the Pacific. He built the same style boat the Polynesians used, and was able to accomplish his goal. The evidence goes to show that the Polynesian chicken really did come before the European.

Harrison Hucks

Period 7

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