Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maya "Painted Pyramid" Reveals 1st Murals of Daily Life

Mayan Murals depicting a Mayan's daily life have been discovered on the exterior of a Mayan pyramid. The murals show the empire from about 620 to 700 AD. The paintings were discovered in 2004 at the site of Calakmul. This pyramid had many murals of Mayans living their day to day life. Other paintings that have been found of the Mayans are of royalty and other sacred traditions, but these paintings are of a common Mayan's lifestyle. The murals show people of all different social classes. The pictures show what kind of clothes the people wore and the food they ate. These murals show a lot about what food was important to the Mayans and how they prepared it. The painting shows the "salt person" and the "tobacco person" and it also shows people making foods out of corn. These paintings also show the fashions of that time period. These murals are unique because other murals have only been discovered inside the pyramids, but these are painted on the exterior so the public could view them. These murals have been helpful because researchers can see what the Mayan's valued in their culture, and how they survived.

-Mikaela Y.
Period 5

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Steven M said...

I find it very interesting how most of what we know of these ancient societies day to day lives come from various pictures that we find painted on such old walls. A very interesting article.